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Simple Ways to Improve Your Smile

February 15, 2018

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Everyone wants a great smile full of white teeth. Maybe your smile isn’t as beautiful as it once was or maybe you loveimprove your smile - Wichita Cosmetic Dentist your smile and want to maintain or even enhance it.

You’re probably thinking that only a dental procedure done by a professional is the only way you’ll regain or maintain that gorgeous smile.

With all the dental advancements that have taken place, there are more options available than you realize to easily get the smile you’re dreaming of.

What are these simple ways to improve your smile? Well, there are at-home practices you can do in addition to routine procedures done in our dental office.

At-Home Smile Care

While you may automatically turn to the at-home teeth whitening kit as your perceived best smile-enhancing option, there are other simpler and less expensive ways to better your smile. These include:

Drinking Plenty of Water. Water is the purest thing you can eat or drink. It has none of the calories, fat, sugar, carbohydrates, or artificial chemicals that feed cavity, teeth staining and gum disease causing plaque. Drinking water also keeps your mouth moist which helps with the production of saliva, your body’s natural mouth wash. A wet mouth cleans away potentially trapped food particles and rinses the surface of teeth which makes it hard for plaque to attach to. Drinking water is also good for your body.

Flossing Daily. Some patients don’t like to regularly floss either because it is too time-consuming and tedious or it is uncomfortable. Flossing, however, is just as important as teeth brushing.

Changing Out Your Toothbrush. Your toothbrush should be changed every three months to avoid cross-contamination and to keep you from accidently re-introducing germs and bacteria back into your mouth.

Limiting or Eliminating Coffee, Tea and Red Wine. These are the big teeth-staining culprits, which by eliminating or limiting them, you can slow or possibly reverse teeth staining with the help of bleaching or veneers. Smoking is also a major teeth-stainer. Stopping smoking will not only halt the yellowing of the teeth, but it will also help improve one’s overall health.

Visiting the Dentist Once a Year. While the dentist may not be high up on your list of favorite places, but a dentist will be able to adequately examine your mouth and catch possible oral health issues that you likely overlooked or didn’t recognize. Early intervention and treatment is the best way to preserve your beautiful smile and keep possible, future damage of your smile.

Simple In-Office Smile Restoration Options

Sometimes at-home oral care practices aren’t enough to fully restore or improve your smile. Sometimes professional dental care is needed.

At Lakepoint Dental, we have a variety of simple, routine dental care services that can help you achieve the smile you’re looking for. Our top smile enhancing services include:

CEREC Porcelain Crowns. Unlike traditional crowns that are made in an off-site dental lab and, therefore, require a multi-week waiting period for one’s final, permanent dental prosthesis, we utilize CEREC technology to make toothlike crowns right in the office. You’ll be able to walk out of your single appointment with a new, enhanced smile.

Tooth-Colored Fillings. Filling are the most common dental service we provide. Fillings fill-in holes on the teeth caused from tooth decay. These tooth-colored fillings don’t have the obvious, ugly metallic look of amalgam fillings and they also don’t contain the dangerous element of mercury like traditional amalgam fillings.

Bridges. Combining our CEREC technology, our patients who have lost multiple teeth can have porcelain, toothlike crowns in a matter of hours so they can quickly have an improved smile they can be proud to show-off.

Dental Implants. A lost tooth can leave an embarrassing gap in one’s smile. Implants are quick, routine procedures that address this problem.

Zoom Teeth Whitening. There are numerous teeth whitening kits out there. While many of these are ideal for patients with minor teeth staining, they are sometimes not enough for patients with deeper stains. Professional teeth whitening provides patients with immediately whiter teeth that stay whiter longer than at-home teeth whitening kits.

Just because you’ve let your oral hygiene, and therefore, your smile slide, it doesn’t mean that extensive work needs to be done to bring it back. There are many simple at-home methods and quick, routine dental procedures that can improve your smile.

If you’ve tried enhancing your smile with at-home methods, you may need to schedule an appointment with us. Contact us today to make an appointment or to learn more about our services.


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