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Get the Full Dental Experience You and Your Family Are Looking For

May 22, 2017

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Dental patient in Wichita KS

A Different Dental Experience

What if there was a dental practice that actually treated you like an individual, instead of merely a patient that must get in and out as soon as possible to treat the next patient? What if the dentists and staff showed genuine respect and compassion toward each and every patient?

This what you’ll find at Lake Point Dental. We are a comprehensive dentist in Wichita, Kansas providing a variety of services to meet the needs of the whole family.

The Power of the Patient in Their Dental Health

Every dental office claims to be dedicated to their patients’ dental health and say they are devoted to providing the best possible care.

It can be easy to say, but actually doing them is a whole other level. While we echo these sentiments, we show our dedication to our clients differently.

We fully believe each client is a person having great worth. We also respect them to make their own decisions about their dental health.

This is why we show each client areas where their dental health and hygiene are lacking. Instead of merely telling them bad news about the condition of their oral health and telling them what to do, we examine and clean each patient’s teeth, offer suggestions and advice and then let the patients have full control.

It is a turn-off to patients when they finally do get a dental appointment only to hear the dentist mutter one condoning, shameful, guilt-inducing commentary.

After a dental procedure, patients (whether intentionally or unintentionally) are less likely to care for their teeth when their cleaning habits and the health of their mouth, gums and teeth are scrutinized.

Patients who are merely told what to do can receive dental hygiene procedures that may not fit into their already busy schedule and the product that are advertised and pushed can exceed the patients’ budget.

We’ve found that when patients take ownership of their dental hygiene and care, they are more proactive, involved and dedicated to maintaining the health of their teeth and gums.

Our patients’ oral health is a healthy as they want it to be. This no pressure mentality empowers our patients so they feel more confident and comfortable coming in to see us.

Quality and Excellence in Treating the Whole Patient

Our dentists and staff members offer our patients many years of dental school knowledge, dental experience and continuing education courses to carry out our mission in providing the highest quality and excellency of care for every patient.

As we put heightened importance of the value of each patient as a person, our dental services are geared to maintaining and, in some cases, improving the emotional, mental and physical health of patients.

What many people don’t realize is the connection between the health of your teeth and the health of other parts of one’s body. Without healthy teeth and gums, one’s ability to eat and speak is hindered and one’s self-confidence is reduced.

Lake Point Dental strives to make the lives of our patients the best they can be by offering an array of dental services to maintain and strengthen one’s dental and gum health.

If you’re tired of a dental office that is too busy to fit you in, or treat you like any old patient, contact us at Lake Point Dental and let us show you what a dental office experience should be.

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